Risk Management

During planning, our clients come to realize how our extensive research and knowledge of insurance products can provide them with the following:

  • Assurance that they already have the right products for their family
  • Comparative quotes to ensure their current coverage is competitively priced in the open market
  • Identification of gaps in their coverage and/or improvements they might consider

Insurance and Risk Management – Risk management is often core to contingency planning. We can evaluate existing strategies, and when necessary, suggest products for life, disability and long term care insurance, and other insurance needs.

Disability Insurance – Market-leading Disability Insurance products covering total or partial disability of professionals, business executives, small business owners and others.

Term Insurance – Term life insurance provides a death benefit if the insured dies. Term insurance does not accumulate cash value and ends after a certain number of years or at a certain age.

Whole Life Insurance – A type of life insurance that offers a death benefit and also accumulates cash value, tax deferred at fixed interest rates. Whole life insurance policies generally have a fixed annual premium that does not rise over the duration of the policy. Whole life insurance is also referred to as “ordinary” or “straight” life insurance.

Variable Universal Life Insurance – A type of life insurance that combines a death benefit with a savings element that accumulates tax deferred. Under a variable universal life insurance policy, the cash value in the policy can be placed in a variety of sub-accounts with different investment objectives. The policyholder can transfer funds among the sub-accounts as he or she wishes. Fees are charged after a certain number of transfers.

Universal Life Insurance – Like whole life insurance, this policy type provides coverage and builds up savings over time. People you name as beneficiaries collect a death benefit if you die while covered. You can use the interest from your accumulated savings to help pay your premiums, which are flexible.

Long-Term Health Care Insurance – Comprehensive Long-Term Care Insurance reimburses some or all of the costs of care received in settings such as the home, the community, alternate living facilities or nursing facilities.